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Home Oxygen Concentrators

There are many health concerns that can lead to physicians prescribing oxygen to be used in the home. Older patients recovering from pneumonia, or those that have been diagnosed with COPD, or cardiopulmonary disease, are just a few of the reasons that doctors will prescribe and arrange for their patients to have oxygen available for their use at home.​

Has your doctor told you that you require at-home oxygen treatments? Contact our highly experienced staff at Alpha Home Health Care  today .


The purpose of having oxygen available for use at home is to make sure that you are getting as much oxygen as you need. It is not just the lungs that are involved, but your blood as well. You must be able to absorb enough oxygen into your bloodstream to keep all of your organs healthy and functioning, including your heart and brain. If tests have shown that your level of oxygen in the blood is too low, then you will be given oxygen for use at home.


Benefits of the CPAP machine

Lower Blood Pressure – OSA causes you to stop breathing momentarily, often hundreds of time during the night. An extreme case will result in massive loss of oxygen to your body. The cardio system relies on a regular supply of oxygen from the lungs to the heart. If the heart has to work harder with less oxygen, then your blood pressure goes up.

More alert and fewer day time naps – The interrupted sleep associated with sleep apnea obviously leads to less rest during the night. It can often feel like you get barely any shut eye at during a long night while every body else is dreaming peacefully.

Reduced or eliminate depression – More rest at night will increase your emotional stability. Life just doesn’t seem as tough when your body can use the night time for what it’s for. Time spent awake during the night can all to be easily lead to anxiety and a viscous circle of depressive thoughts. The chance to fall off quickly and regularly can break this cycle and lead to a much happier life in general.

More energy – Sleep is when your body concentrates on repairing itself. A restless, unproductive night will leave you physically under-prepared for the day. In addition OSA sufferers will have not absorbed oxygen in sufficient quantities to allow the body to process essential nutrients during the night.

Portable Oxygen

Portable Oxygen have extended the range of things people can do. This includes work activities, social activities, ordinary day to day activities and sports. The list of things people with oxygen therapy are doing is large and getting larger.

This means doing more things in the house, away from home and on the move. Travel has become much easier.  

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is internal and relates to mind set and emotional health. Knowing you can do many things you previously thought you couldn't, frees you and this freedom opens up many possibilities.

Many people who today use Portable oxygen have found that they are doing things they thought were impossible and as they experiment with this new found freedom, their creativity and positive attitude to life is expanding. This also has a certain domino effect - the positive attitude strengthens the immune system, which in turn makes for better health, and this brings a more positive attitude and the cycle begins again with more strength each time.


Nebulizers deliver liquid or aerosol medications that help you breathe to your lungs via a mask or mouthpiece. Medications given via nebulizer can treat acute conditions or can prevent respiratory problems from developing. Nebulizers have benefits as a treatment for lung disease over oral medications or inhalers.

Nebulizers send medications where they're needed most -- your lungs. Unlike systemic medications, which take time to pass through the gastrointesinal tract to your bloodstream, nebulizers deliver medications very quickly directly to the respiratory tract. Albuterol, a commonly used bronchodilator, begins to work in around five minutes when given in nebulizer form, compared to around 30 minutes when given orally.